Additional Plans

Additional Ford Dealer Plans

These plans are available for purchase at most Ford/Lincoln dealerships at the time of vehicle purchase only. They provide coverage options for items not covered by your New Vehicle Limited Warranty and provide Peace of Mind protection for up to 8 years.

TireCARE Plus

Protect your tires and wheels from everyday road hazards.

  • Ford Protect TireCARE Plus Is a smart investment to protect your tires and wheels from the everyday hazards of the road.
  • Includes cosmetic coverage of alloy, aluminum and steel wheels
  • With Ford Protect TireCARE Plus coverage you avoid the “gotchas” by having worry-free coverage.
  • You’re covered if your tire is damaged by: metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes, or pavement damage.


Covers the removal of minor dents and dings.

  • The road can take its toll on your vehicle. Then again, so can that shopping cart in the parking lot of your local supermarket.
  • Don't put up with dents and dings. Ford has the solution.
  • The Results? Permanent removal of door dings and minor dents without harming your vehicle's factory finish.


Peace-of-mind protection for your vehicle’s windshield.

  • At any time, your vehicle’s windshield could be damaged by propelled rocks, metal, or other road hazard debris.
  • With Ford Protect WindshieldCARE, repair of minor chips and cracks is convenient and easy.

WindshieldCARE Plus EV

Additional windshield coverage for electric vehicles.

  • At any time, your vehicle’s windshield could be damaged by propelled rocks, metal, or other road hazard debris.
  • The Ford Protect WindshieldCARE Plus EV plan covers the cost to repair the front windshield, PLUS one windshield replacement and calibration using OEM glass.

TripleCARE Plus

TripleCARE Plus includes TireCARE Plus, DentCARE, and WindshieldCARE in one.

  • Unlimited mileage and up to 8 years of coverage.
  • No limit on approved claims benefits for TireCARE.
  • No deductible.


Maintain the beauty of your vehicle, protecting
it inside and out.

  • This protectant uses a graphene-infused ceramic product to ensure a long-lasting and lustrous appearance to the finish of your vehicle.
  • Keeps your leather, vinyl or fabric interior protected from stains, fading, spills and more.
  • This product is environmentally friendly with sealants completely free of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)


The true cost of auto theft goes beyond simply the loss of your vehicle.

  • If your vehicle is ever stolen, insurance companies may only cover your vehicle’s market value at the time of the loss. Ford Protect TheftCARE offers you a theft deterrent and recovery system helping to minimize your losses.
  • You can take advantage of this limited warranty benefit – up to $5,000 – which could be applied toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle and other expenses.