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Ford Protect PowertrainCARE

Ford Protect PowertrainCARE

The price for parts and labor to repair many major components can be significant. One repair bill can easily exceed the price of Ford Protect Extended Service Plan coverage. It’s clear this coverage can quickly pay for itself. Protect your vehicle from unexpected repair costs. Complete the information below to get your Ford Protect Extended Service Plan quote today.

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Your 17-character VIN is listed on numerous documents, including your vehicle title, registration, finance statement and insurance documents. It also appears on the driver's side of your vehicle, between the windshield and dashboard. The VIN must be for a Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

Purchased vs Leased


Do you want coverage throughout your financing period? Knowing this, we can recommend how long you should be covered.


Unless you plan to purchase your vehicle once your lease is complete, a maintenance plan is your best bet.

If your leased vehicle has fewer than 12,000 miles and is less than 12 months old, your vehicle is eligible for the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan.

State of Residence

Ford Protect coverage varies by state. Based on your state of residence, we know what coverages are available to you.

Odometer Reading

Your current mileage will help us determine how much you drive each year. From this we can make a coverage recommendation.

Average Miles Driven per Year

Ford Protect has plans that cover different amounts of driving. Enter an estimate of the number of miles you plan on driving per year in the future.

Years Keeping Vehicle

The number of years you plan on keeping your vehicle will help us determine a contract duration. From this we can make a coverage recommendation.


Check Yes if the vehicle has, ever had, or ever will have a snowplow.


Check Yes if the vehicle is used for commercial, business, or shuttle purposes.

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